Three Classy Drinks To Order At The Jazz Club

Going to a jazz club? Want to have a great time with the music and people? You have to order a classy drink to go along with the experience, or you will end up missing out. So, what does a person order when they go to the jazz club in their area? Which drinks are a must in this setting that will let you enjoy the moment?

Let’s take a look for those who are intrigued and want to know more about the best drinks to consume.

1) Whiskey Sour


This is a drink men around the world love ordering because it has the classiness that is required from a drink.

It has a hint of lemon and cherry which gives it an added punch you are looking for. A definite must for those who are going to the jazz club and want quality.



2) The Manhattan

This is made with rye whisky and tastes fantastic. You are going to love having this go down your throat.

It has this pure quality to it that is hard to beat.

With a bit of cherry and orange peel, you can turn this drink into something magical. It has the touch of sweet vermouth to bring it all together. Here’s a great recipe in case the bartender doesn’t know how to make it!

3) Cuba Libre


This is a simple drink, but one of the classier ones you are going to see at the jazz club.

You are looking at a combination of rum and coke put together.

It has a magical taste to it.

These are the classy drinks you would want to go out of your way to order at the jazz club. Try all of them and you will notice the beauty of these drinks and what they bring to the table in the end. Also don’t forget to ask if they club has any signature cocktails. A lot of jazz clubs and other underground dining restaurants in NYC, like I Forgot It’s Wednesday, have their very own signature cocktails that add to the overall experience.